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The detail of our custom architectural design services.

custom Architectural design Services


Our Architectural Design Services are a collection of professional services that create completely customized design solutions for homes, investment properties, and light-commercial building products. We will transform your ideas, desires, needs, and preferences from words & feelings , to drawings, then to documents, and finally to a building asset for you and your neighborhood. Our architecture will allow you to live the lifestyle you want, help achieve your financial goals, and nurture a sense of community. Let's begin...



Our Base Services are the foundational services required to take any project from conception to completion. Traditionally, basic architectural design services are organized within six successive phases (to learn more about these phases check out our blog, The Business of Architecture.) However, our Base Services are organized into only four phases: Schematic Design, Development & Documentation, Bid Negotiation/Selection, and Construction Administration. This allows us to provide a straightfoward and streamlined service tailor-made for neighborhood scaled projects. Even though each of these phased services must be completed in succession they do not have to be purchased all at once. Our services are fixed fee stand alone products that can also be purchased 'al a carte.' Our Base Services apply to new construction as well as renovations and additions. 


We believe that fixed-fee pricing modules are easier to understand and more fair than hourly fees. They remove ambiguity allowing clients to comprehend the exact value they're receiving for their hard earned money. All of our Base Services are founded on stand-alone fixed fee modules as well as our [+1] Additional Service Modules. Because these services are stand-alone our client's have the ability to customize their experience with us. If the desire is to take the process slow, pick and choose the required services individually or in small groups whenever you need them. If you're ready to go from day one, then purchase everything you need up front. It's up to you. You're in control.


Purchasing cell phone service is pretty seemless. Beginning with a standard base monthly fee, customers can easily add complementary services and features at any point customizing their experience with providers. Now, the same can be done with architectural services. At Fabric[K] we offer a variety of stand alone fixed fee additional services that are easy to purchase and add more value to your base service. We call these fixed fee, stress-free products our [+1] Additional Service Modules or simply [+1]'s. Every client situation is different. Some may need help selecting fixtures and finishes. Some may require a project redesign. Some might require the whole suite of additional services while others may need none at all. Whatever it may be our [+1]'s offer a flexibility that customizes your experience with us in the exact way that you need it. 


There are a few additional services we provide that are simply too difficult to predict, estimate, and package into a fixed-fee module. These services will be provided at our hourly rate. Download our Menu of Services for a complete listing of the services we offer. 

PRICING and paymentS

The total cost to take a project from start to finish will vary by project. However, you can expect our total design fee to be around 8-10% of the cost of construction. Download our Menu of Services for fixed fee prices and rates. 

To make our services more affordable and accessible we don't require invoices to be paid in full every month. Instead we separate our fee into minimum monthly payments. Depending on the range of services you purchase we will spread your payments in 3, 6, or 12 month increments. And, when/if you add additional services we will simply adjust your minimum payment accordingly.  

download our complete menu of services for free here!


Contact us directly for general project inquiries and any additional questions you may have about our services. We are happy to help and will respond within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.