Fabric[K] Design

Private Residence

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DETROIT, MICHIGAN - conner Creek Neighborhood

STATUS: Design Phase

PROJECT TYPE: New Construction

FLOOR AREA: 1,500 square feet


a VERY brave project. this HOUSE seeks to re-establish community in a forgotten detroit neigHborhood AND SERVE AS A MODEL FOR FUTURE GROWTH.


This is a very adventurous house project in one of the most blighted areas of the city. Over the last two years the neighborhood has begun to see some omprovement and investment. It's intended to be a catalyst for future development. We analyzed remaining homes in the area as inspiration for the house's design, while adding subtle modernist touches. Using familiar materials, building massings, site design and features the house pays homage to the structures that used to be plentiful - a new Detroit residential & architectural language perhaps.

There are a number of passive - potentially money saving - sustainable strategies in the home. The most notable is the window strategy. Windows in the walls are optimized for natural light while not sacrificing heat & energy loss from too much glass. The modest size of the building and its orientation offsets the heavy use of air conditioning by promoting cross ventilation through well placed windows, helping to keep the building cool during the warm months. By designing the home to operate on abundant sustainable resources - sun and wind - it is primed to use significantly less energy, save money on utility bills and lessen its impact on the environment. 

Because of the location of this project, it was important not only design a good building but also set a good example for the rest of the neighborhood to follow. By modeling good and basic urban principles that should be replicated, this project could influence the creation of vibrant neighborhoods for people. One of those principles is the urban edge. Bringing the site wall to the property line helps define space on the street and inside the lot, provides clear designations between public and private property, and is something nice to look at besides a chainlinked fence. All of these features are critical to neighborhood security and surviallance, curb appeal of the street, and producing non-obtrusive & safe places that people will want to stroll through. Movements begin with one. Hopefully this model can set the stage for a vibrant place for people.