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Detroit B&W: East Grand @ The Packard

Detroit B&W: East Grand @ The Packard

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The Packard Plant is a global icon. Designed by famed Detroit architect Albert Kahn in 1903 it was the first automobile plant in the world to use a revolutionary technology at the time, reinforced concrete. The entire plant consists of multiple buildings and covers almost 40 acres on Detroit's East Side, making it one of the largest in the world. Before closing in the 50's, its assembly line it churned out everything from luxury vehicles to tanks for the war efforts in Europe. As it lies in ruins waiting for redevelopment, it straddles East Grand Boulevard as the world's largest abandoned automobile factory. It's truly a monument to the city's past as an industrial powerhouse.

Your purchase includes: (1) 18" x 24" high-quality digital image with a 300 DPI resolution perfect for printing, printable display card with building facts, printing instructions, the freedom to print as many of these as you'd like, and yes we take the watermark off. Bring a piece of Detroit's history into your home today. 

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Urban Portraits are carefully framed photographs of unique moments in the built environment that make you feel as if you were right there experiencing the moment for yourself. They're equal parts artistic and educational. Art because they're perfect for decorating any empty wall in your home or office. Educational because they always spark up interesting conversations. However you decide to use them, just make sure you show them off. Each image is completely original and digitally optimized for maximum printing quality. They come in 3 color versions: Original Color (OG), Abstract Color, and Black & White. Cities like Detroit have their own personal stories to tell. Our Urban Portraits capture those stories in the form of artwork you can take home with you.