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zoning and possibility packages

  1. What's the purpose of a Zoning or Possibility Package?  Our packages are designed to help you determine what the building and development possibilities are for properties located in Detroit, Michigan before spending tremendous amounts of money and time on project. Once you identify a property, we will research the by-right zoning entitlements and restrictions for that property and present our findings in an easy to understand visually formatted package. The value here is a savings of time and money as well as the added solice of being able to make an educated decision about your future project.
  2. What are the differences between the Zoning and Possibility Packages? Zoning packages analyze the property and its surrounding neighborhood, giving you a good snapshot of the property’s development potential. We will identify all your by-right zoning entitlements as defined in the Detroit Zoning Ordinance of 2017 and we’ll also highlight certain neighborhood assets that help make the property valuable. Possibility Packages go a few steps further. In addition to all the features of a Zoning Package, the Possibility Packages provide conceptual 3-D and 2-D drawings of building scenarios to help you visualize your project possibilities. Both of these packages are a great way to explore the potential of your project without spending too much money and time at the onset.
  3. How do I purchase a package? Visit our SHOP, choose your product, add to cart, fill out the order form, and then complete your purchase at checkout. It's that simple. After you place your order we will send you a confirmation proposal outlining the work to be done and when you can expect your package to be delivered. Note that we offer two (2) payment options. You can either pay in full up front or you can pay half at the time of the order and the other half before delivery. If you decide to separate your payment into halves, in our SHOP select the "Full Payment" instead of the "Intial Payment" option for whichever package you are trying to order. When the package is ready for delivery we will send an invoice for final payment. Once final payment is received we will deliver your package on the following business day. If you decided to pay in full, then all you have to do is sit back, we will deliver your package as soon as it is complete and ready. Contact us at info@fabrick-design.com with any further questions. 
  4. Once I place my order, how long before it will be delivered? Zoning Packages take five (5) business days to complete and Possibility Packages take ten (10) business days. If you paid in full we will deliver your package in the time it takes us to complete putting your order together. If you opted to pay in halves we will deliver your package on the following business day from receipt of your final payment. 
  5. What are my next steps after purchasing? If you’re comfortable about the information and excited about the possibilities presented in our packages, the next step is to reach out to an architect or home designer who will work with you to design your project. Fabric[K] Design will be offering Pre-Designed Plan Sets and Custom Architectural Design Services starting in the Summer of 2018. Subscribe to our newsletter, Urban Fabric[K] to stay current on new releases and visit our Products & Services page to learn more.
  6. Can I include more than one address or more than one land use type in my package? No. You can only analyze one address or one land use type per package. If you want to study multiple addresses or multiple land use types, you will need to purchase a package for each.
  7. How long is the package relevant for? To make sure that all of our packages stay up to date with the most current information we place a 12 month expiration period on the package. After this 12 month period you should have the property analyzed again.
  8. What format will the packages be delivered in? Both the Zoning Package and the Possibility Package will be delivered to you in a protected PDF format via. the email address that you provided us.
  9. Can I explore properties outside of Detroit? As of right now, no. We are only preparing packages for properties inside Detroit city limits. We will be expanding this service to other cities and counties soon. 
  10. Are these packages legally binding? No. Fabric[K] Design is an architectural consultancy firm. We are not lawyers or financial advisors. What we offer is merely a comprehensive informational package you can utilize to help you make better decisions for your future/potential building or development project. We do not certify the accuracy of the 3rd party information included in our packages nor are we are liable for any information provided from 3rd party sources. For expert opinions on specific financial or legal matters please consult a zoning lawyer and financial advisor.
  11. What if I want to explore more conceptual building scenarios after purchasing an initial package? If you’ve already purchased a package - Zoning or Possibility -  and your want to explore more conceptual massing studies before you begin to design the project, you can purchase a [+1] Possibility Package Additional Service Module. This is a quick, easy, and fixed fee way to add more value to your previously purchased product. We will provide you with three (3) additional conceptual massing scenarios. Just send us an email saying that you want a [+1] Possibility Package Module along with the purchase order # of your original package, and we’ll send you an invoice for the cost of the additional service, $750. Just like our original packages, we’ll start creating once we receive payment and it will take five (5) business days to complete.