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zoning and possibility packages

  1. What's the purpose of a Zoning or Possibility Package? Our packages put you in the best position early on in the process to make informed decisions about your future development project. They will clearly outline the broader potential of the property you’ve identified and highlight the optimal development possibilities scenarios for that same site. By automating the presentation of these products as much as possible, we are able to save our clients tremendous amounts of money and time during the due diligence stage.

  2. What are the differences between the Zoning and Possibility Packages? Zoning Packages breakdown the overall potential of the property based on the applicable zoning. You’ll get a comprehensive chart that details every allowable use in addition to easy to read diagrams that summarize our findings. Finally, you’ll get a set of visual recommendations of what we think are the most valuable development scenarios for that site. Possibility Packages go a few steps further by providing three (3) actual building development scenarios based on client requests. These scenarios come with 3D & 2D drawings so you can visually see how the property will be used and how the buildings will rest on the site. Both packages are great ways to explore the potential of your project without spending too many resourses early on. Learn more HERE

  3. How do I purchase a package? Visit our online shop - The [K]orner Store. In the Due Diligence category you’ll find the packages. Simply choose your product, add to cart, fill out the short order form in its entirety, then submit your payment at checkout. It's that simple. After you place your order we’ll send an email confirmation. After that just sit back and we’ll deliver your package as soon as it’s ready.

  4. Once I place my order, how long before it will be delivered? Zoning Packages take no more than five (5) business days to deliver and Possibility Packages take no more than ten (10) business days to deliver. Once the package is complete we will deliver it via. email.

  5. What happens after I purchase a package? There are two options here. First, if you’ve decided this property is for you or you’ve decided on a development scenario to pursue then you’re ready for Architectural Design Services starting with Schematic Design. Contact us when you’ve reached this point. To get an idea of costs download our Menu of Services. We will also have Pre-Designed Plan sets available at the end of 2019 which can save money on the design process. Secondly, if you’ve purchased an initial Possibility Package, but you want to analyze a different building scenario on that same property we can provide that as well at a fee of $200 per additional scenario. Visit our Products & Services page to learn more about our offerings.

  6. Can I include more than one address or more than one land use type in my package? No. You can only analyze one address per package. If you want to study multiple addresses you will need to purchase a package for each.

  7. How long is the package relevant for? To make sure that all of our packages stay up to date with the most current information we place a 12 month expiration period on the package. After this 12 month period you should have the property analyzed again.

  8. What format will the packages be delivered in? Both the Zoning Package and the Possibility Package will be delivered in a protected PDF format via. the email address provided.

  9. Can I explore properties outside of Detroit? As of January 2019, YES! However, these packages are tailored to Detroit. For areas outside of the Metro-Detroit area we will only show “by-right” scenarios as we will not be intimately familiar with the nuances of the local zoning code. We recommend that you run this package by an architect who works in that state or county. Furthermore, there may be additional time needed to prepare the package sufficiently.

  10. Are these packages legally binding? No. Fabric[K] Design is an architectural consultancy firm. We are not lawyers or financial advisors. What we offer is an informed, professional informational package you can reference to help plan your project and make better decisionsas your go forward. We do not certify the accuracy of the 3rd party information included in our packages nor are we liable for any information provided from 3rd party sources. For expert opinions on specific financial or legal matters please consult a zoning lawyer and financial advisor.

  11. What if I want to explore more conceptual building scenarios after purchasing an initial Possibility Package? If you’ve purchased a Possibility Package and want to explore more building development scenarios on that same site that’s not a problem. We’ll provide more building scenarios for a fixed fee of $200 per scenario. Just shoot us an email, tell us what building type you want studied and we’ll shoot you an invoice.

  12. If I order a Zoning Package can I upgrade to a Possibility Package? Absolutely! We’ll just send you an invoice for $375 - the difference in cost between the Zoning Package and the Possibility Package.

  13. Why fixed fees? Because we believe fixed, flat fees are clearer and less ambiguous methods of exchanging value. We are able to provide lower, fixed fees for these due diligence products becuase we pre-package and automate the deliverables as much as possible. That way we spend less of our resources controlling quality while delivering the same high value each and every time.