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Statues in Social Context

Apart from the Mary Macleod Bethune statue erected in 1974,…there was no true monument dedicated to a prominent black individual until Martin Luther King Jr. finally got [his] in 2011 (43 years after his death!). Even though MLK gained his seat at the table with Lincoln and Jefferson on the National Mall, one could still argue that his statue is positioned in such a way that does not command public space, but is rather a “destination” that one must seek out.

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Do the "Due" Diligence

The start of any development project, no matter how big or small, is the Due Diligence Phase. This phase refers to a set of tasks that deal with gathering as much information as possible about the project. There are many lenses to look through when framing a project in the Due Diligence Phase, two of them being the legal and the architectural.

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History of Architecture III. - Early Christian & Medieval Civilizations

A brief visual history of early Christian Architecture, Ottoman and Byzantine Architecture, and Gothic Architecture during the Medieval Period

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The Business of Architecture

Architecture traditionally is a service based business, just like lawyers, doctors and other licensed professionals. People rarely gripe when they pay for the latter services yet, the established perception is that an architect’s time, skill, and knowledge are not deserving of compensation equivalent to their professional counterparts. Architects are expected to offer their skills at discount or for free. An architect’s value is also overlooked because the process of working with one is a vast unknown to the majority of potential clients. It’s time to explain the basics of the Business of Architecture.

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What is an Architect, Really?

Lawyers. Doctors. Therapists. Engineers. When thinking of these occupations, most have a good idea what each does. But when thinking of an architect that’s when things become of bit ambiguous. An architect is a generalist; a polymath; a “jack of all trades” so to speak. The architect is responsible for both the artistry and science of creating space and constructing the form of society. They do more than “draw pretty pictures”. For thousands of years they have been tasked with creating the vision for civilization and managing the complexities associated with designing and constructing the man-made environment.

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Detroit is the New Rome

Had it not been for these two empires, the world would certainly look different. Rome, over the centuries always managed to realize the value in its ancient, yet, abandoned structures. Now the city is reaping the benefits of history and longevity. Detroit, poised to be America’s version of the “Eternal City”, now sits at a critical pivot point in its history. Will it make decisions in response to economic urgency? Or will it make decisions of historical sustainability that yield innumerable dividends in the long run? I hope the latter, holds true; for there is no town, like Motown.

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How to Properly Manage Your Property

One of the largest obstacles comtemporary home owners face is how to successfully operate and manage their property. There are many cost factors to be aware of besides your mortgage payment. Determining what these costs are is a crucial component in positioning yourself to budget property expenses properly and potentially build some equity.

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How to Choose What Neighborhood to Buy In

Among the neighborhoods you will evaluate in the search for property key characteristics of value will vary in quality. In some cases they may be slightly intact while in others they may be completely absent. Places like Detroit are unique because many neighborhoods lack a lot of these valuable assets. But these are precisely the neighborhoods that should be looked at more closely. By finding what’s missing in a community, you will have uncovered an opportunity to bring tremendous value somewhere it’s needed.

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