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2019 Upgrades: Zoning Summary & Possibility Packages

Last year we released our Zoning and Possibility Packages with the designed intent to clearly show homeowners and neighborhood developers the development potential of a given piece of land. Customers give us the address of a property that interests them, and we show them a range of neighborhood development possibilities based on their input. This knowledge saves our customers resources because they don’t have to waste their money & time on a project that isn’t possible.

We have had tremendous success with these products in the last 13 months selling packages all over Michigan and to various states around the country. Our patrons have communicated praise for the value received by purchasing one of our packages. But they have also communicated ideas and critiques on ways to improve these products. As a people-centric company, we listened, evaluated, and made the necessary adjustments to enhance the value of each package.

This month we released version 2.0 of our Zoning Summary and Possibility Packages. Here’s an overview of the refinements to expect…

  1. New Printable Booklet Format - We’ve reformatted both packages on smaller sheet sizes, so they now read, feel, and have the option to print from your computer like a book. If you prefer, we’ll still package them on 11 x 17 sheets upon request.

  2. Reduced Pricing - By removing unnecessary features we were able to reduce the cost of both packages making then even more finacially accessible.

  3. List of Municipal Reviews & Permits - We’ve added a list of the probable municipal reviews & permits required to complete the project. Exclusive to Detroit & Washington, D.C. markets.

  4. More Proforma Info - Our Possibility Packages now contain more detailed information to inform your proforma such as: Gross Unit Size, Estimated Efficiency Factor, Unit Type & More.

  5. Packages Based on Actual Building Types - Our analysis, diagrams, and recommendations are now based on actual building types that have proven a constructability and reliable efficiency.

  6. Updated Graphics - The Zoning Summary now comes with easy to read visual graphics to better explain the development intensity & potential of a property.

  7. Recommendations - Zoning Summary Packages now come with building type recommendations to help visualize the kinds of structures that best fit your property.

  8. Sample Project Schedule/Task list - Now you can better track your project progress by seeing where you are in the process, check what tasks need to be done, and see how all the tasks relate to one another.

  9. Applicable Everywhere - These packages are inspired by the Detroit development scene. But they apply anywhere in the Americas. No matter where your target property is, you can know your potential and discover your development possibilities with the Fabric[K] Design Zoning Summary and Possibility Packages.